640 E 1900 N North Ogden, UT 84414

This is a new to us playground that we discovered during the summer while doing research for this blog. Since it is an elementary school playground in the Weber School District, the playground is only open to the public in the evenings, weekends and during the summer while school is out of session.

This elementary school has three separate playgrounds on the school grounds. On the east side of the school nearest the parking lot there is an older all metal playground on a sand base. It was a little too advanced for 2 and 4 year olds so we skipped this one altogether and instead went to the playgrounds behind the school.

In the back there are two very different playgrounds, one older colorful playground on a sand base and a new all abilities wheelchair accessible playground provided by the Weber School Foundation. There is a wide side walk that extends from the parking lot all the way to the wheelchair accessible playground and blacktop area. 

The older playground on sand my kids found a lot of fun with lots of tubes, slides, a climbing wall and swings. As much as I loathe sand playgrounds, I relented and brought sand pails and sifters and they spent at least 30 minutes digging in the sand (and not throwing it or putting it in their hair for a change.) There were swings in the sand but no toddler swings. Since the primary use is for school age children I didn't really expect any. 

We first went a couple weeks before school started and while there were a lot of weeds in the sand, there were people working to blow sand off all the concrete and power washing the entire back of the building and sidewalks. 

Between the two playgrounds is a HUGE black top area with basketball hoops, 4 square and some covered black top area for the kids next to the school. Other than the covered area, there is absolutely no shade. No trees, no canopies, nothing. 

On the far end of the playground there are more swings, an old metal slide and a very old looking climbing frame.

Closest to the school they also have an amazing all abilities fenced-in playground, recently finished in 2015, provided by the Weber School Foundation. It has a solid rubber flooring underneath for wheelchair accessibility and lots of really neat features like a high backed merry go round, wide ramps and sensory items close to the ground. My 2 year old especially liked the bell that was low to the ground that he could ring (over and over again). 

The only disappointment with this playground was that there is no seating inside the fence for parents or even shy kids and the lack of any shade. The solid surface flooring was quite warm when we were there and the warmer it got the stinkier it became, smelling like tires. 


-Three fun separate playgrounds, one very wheelchair friendly and great for all abilities and ages. 

- All abilities playground is fully fenced in with only one gate in or out. 

- Good line of sight between the back two playgrounds and the grassy field. Everything is very flat.

- Connects with Orton/Green Acres Park

- Lots of swings

- Lots of blacktop area for games with balls. 


- No shade

- No seating in all abilities playground and only one bench on the entire playground 

- no public restrooms (some available at nearby Orton/Green Acres Park)

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