2175 W 4200 S Roy, UT 84067

This is an amazing new playground in Roy. The playground is up and running but some of the features like drinking fountains are still under construction. One of the things I love about this playground is the theming. The whole playground is military themed, very fitting for it's location near Hill AFB, with a military jeep for kids to play in, stairs that look like airplanes on an aircraft carrier, a jet plane rock wall and more. I especially liked the big sign on the main play structure. 

This playground is rated for kids 5-12 years old, but the younger crowd still has some elements that they will like including the jeep, ramps with interactive marble panels, activities under the main play structure like the race car game and of course the swings. I like that the second story of the play structure is only accessible by a vertical ladder on each side, so it may deter toddlers from trying to climb to the top. 

For older kids there are a ton of different climbing structures including a huge geometric rope object and cubes that they can climb in and on to access a slide. There is also a fun rope spinner and a circle tube that turns. 

I really like all the inclusive elements in this playground for kids with special needs. There is a sidewalk that circles the playground and a sidewalk that goes directly to the wheelchair accessible ramps on the main play structure. 

At the top of the ramp there are multiple panels with sensory elements like textures and marble mazes. Down one of the other ramps there is a AeroGlider, a fun rocking boat that sways back and forth and has bench seats and room for wheelchairs. 

At the far end of the playground there are 6 swings- 2 regular, 2 infant toddler swings and 2 handicapped accessible adaptive swings. 

Other fun elements in the playground include a military jeep with a steering wheel and boxes to climb to a slide, circle rope climbers, a jet plane rock climbing wall and fun access to the slides that looks like jets taking off an aircraft carrier. 

The second story on the main play structure is great and has three slides, including one tube slide and fun elements such as more marble mazes and metal bells to ring. I will warn that as a adult the curvy slides aren't super comfortable to slide down, especially with the rollers. 

This park also has a splash pad available memorial day to labor day in the summer, bathrooms, benches located around the playground and covered pavilions with picnic tables. There is still some construction in the park for what looks to be drinking fountains and something else with a circular concrete pad (maybe a statue or dedication plaque?). 

Restrooms at the North end of the park. 

Update 9/2019: New features have been added to the park since 11/2018 including new benches around the perimeter, tennis courts and a monument. The splash pad is again under construction and closed off. 

Overall, I LOVE this new park in Roy. It is spacious, well themed and executed with an amazing playground full of lots of separate and fun structures to play on. The only thing I would wish for was an additional separate toddler play structure specifically for kids under 5 years old. 


- huge wood bark surfaced playground with fun elements like slides, climbing structures, a jeep for imaginative play and lots of swings

- lots of inclusive elements for kids with special needs like adaptive swings, wheelchair ramps, sidewalk access and sensory panels

- restrooms and covered pavilions nearby in park

- splash pad available during the summer

- sail cloths for shade

- big parking lot 


- no separate playground for kids under 5 years old

- wood chip base limits access to elements for wheelchairs or people with difficulty walking

- some construction still in park

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