875 E 3300 N North Ogden, UT 84414

This is a quaint little neighborhood park like most of the other parks in North Ogden. We have visited this park often. My boys love the big soccer field and rolling down the hill. The sledding is great in the winter time also. 


- Playground is clean. The N.O. parks and rec. department do a good job at keeping the park free of trash and the grass is always cut. The only time we have found trash or litter is when there was a neighborhood party in the pavilion and lots of kids are eating on the playground structure

- A huge soccer field is adjacent to the park and a pretty steep hill between the field and the playground. You will often see kids rolling down the hill. In the winter time the hill is very popular for sledding. The grass is well maintained, water sufficiently and free from any big rocks or trip hazards. My toddlers love to take their shoes off in the soccer field and we have had no problems.

- The views from this park are amazing.  Mountains to the north and east and a great vantage point to see all of Ogden to the south. On the fourth and twenty fourth of July you can see multiple fireworks shows.

- There are sufficient wood chips as a base for the playground and the raised edges keep the wood chips in the area. Update: More wood chips added summer 2019.

- The pavilion attached to the park is large with attached picnic tables.

- Adequate parking with two separate parking lots on top and one below the soccer field and lots of on street parking.

- There are restrooms next to the playground. (Closed during the winter)


- Playground is not wheelchair accessible. 

- The playground isn’t particularly toddler safe. It does have a toddler slide but that is about it. Next to the slide and the steering wheel there is a drop off of about 4 feet to go to the monkey bars. Toddler L stepped off it while playing at around 20 months and landed flat on his back. No injuries, but it was pretty scary. There also is a 5 foot drop off and a 7 foot drop off (fireman’s pole) next to the twirly slide. If you have a toddler that doesn't have fear, you may have to be particularly diligent on this playground.  The hill that drops off next to the playground is pretty steep and toddlers may have a hard time walking down it. 

- No swings

- No shade except in pavilion. Update: Arbor Day 2019 the city planted 10 trees on the east and west side of the soccer field. Since they are still small, they do not produce shade yet. 

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