2050 N 575 E, North Ogden, UT 84414

This is a small shaded wood chip based neighborhood playground with swings and creek in North Ogden. The park also has a half mile walking/biking track and soccer fields in the middle. This raised track is also a retention pond, so during the spring it may be full of water. As a bonus, residents like to kayak in the pond when full. This park has access to Green Acres Elementary playground by a metal gate to the south. There are covered picnic tables and restrooms near the playground. 

The wood chip based playground is shaded by large trees and has benches to sit on. and a small gazebo with picnic tables that can be reserved

The playground is partially fenced on creek side and parking lot side. There are two small openings on one end and fully open on another.

There is a small creek with wooden bridge that leads to a small grassy area divided by the chain link fence. When we visited there were ladies running and playing fetch with dogs on the grassy area. There is also a bench on the grass back grass area side. 

Restrooms and drinking fountains are right next to playground. 

There are 4 swings on the playground- two regular and two toddler/baby swings. 

A large half-mile raised paved running/biking track surrounds the park with fencing on 3 sides.  The circle track does not intersect with the parking lot, which is a good thing for young bike riders or if you are watching multiple children. On the day we were there we saw quite a few runners on track.

Large recessed soccer fields in the middle of the track. This raised track/field is also a retention pond for excess water, so during the spring it may be full of water. When full, residents like to kayak in the "pond". 

Update in 2021: During fall and spring soccer season the parking lot at this park is overfilled with cars and lots of cars parked around the neighboring houses. Unless you are attending or watching a soccer game at the nearby Orton fields, I would recommend not visiting this park on Saturdays before 1:30pm.

+ On quiet residential street
+ Restrooms near playground
Park has access and shares a fence with Green Acres Elementary playground after school hours
+ Swings (regular and infant/toddler)
+ Shaded play structure in mornings and evenings
+ Partially fenced in playground
+ Large parking lot

- Because of the trees and location of the track there is no line of sight between the track and the playground/swings (but you can see the elementary playground from the track).
- The playground is not wheelchair accessible or have inclusive elements
- Crowded on Saturdays 

(Updated in 2021 with new pictures)

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