850 E 3100 N, Ogden, UT 84414

This is a playground at elementary school playground in North Ogden, Utah. Playground amenities include 2 play structures, basketball hoops, black top area and grass area. 

Note that because the playground is located  at an elementary school in Weber County School District, the playground is  only open to the public on evenings, weekends and during the summer.

The small play structure is on a sand/gravel base and is rated for 2-5 year olds and is used by the kindergarteners during recess. It features 5 slides, a chain ladder, tunnel, pretend house on ground level and stairs for access. 

We like to use this playground during the summer when school is out and go in the morning before it gets too hot.There is no shade on this playground or the one next to it. I have taken my boys here as early as 18 months and have not been scared about them falling off the structures or running into the street. The toddler portion doesn't have an opening higher than 3 feet and the bigger kids playground doesn't have easy access for a toddler to reach the tall slide. 

There is also a bigger play structure next to the first one on it's own sandbox area. This one is rated for 5-12 year olds and features multiple slides, a long tunnel with hand holds, monkey bars and bridge. 

There is lots of black top area with basketball hoops next to the play structure as well as a large grass area with soccer goals. 

You can access the playground from a sidewalk between 2 houses on 3200 N or from 3100 N and walk all the way around the school. 

The playground also has 2 benches for seating, one being a Buddy Bench. 


- Two separate playground structures for different ages

- playground is very far from any road, even through it is not fenced in. 

- No huge open drop offs on either playground for toddlers to fall. There is a fun curved tunnel that they can climb up with hand holes. No fire poles or monkey bars. Some of the playground is only accessible by tall ladder or monkey bars so it deters your toddlers from getting there in the first place. 


- Access is hard from the school parking lot. During the summer you have to walk around the entire school and in the grass some places where the sidewalks do not extend. 

- playgrounds are not wheelchair accessible

- no shade on play structures

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