600 W 3000 N Pleasant View, UT 84414

To kick off the very first review on Weber County UT playgrounds I thought I would start with a new to us park that I discovered while researching playgrounds specifically for this site.

I took my two little boys, 2 and 4 years old, at lunchtime on a Thursday. Most of the parks we visit we are the only ones there. To my surprise there were three other families eating picnic lunches and playing on the playground at this time.

There are 2 separate playgrounds separated by a parking lot and walkway. 

Playground #1

Immediately both boys were excited to see the playground. The parking is a dirt lot with no parking spaces marked but there seemed to be plenty of parking for the amount of people there at the time. . This is a park designed for ages 5-12 years old. Though there are few elements that  younger toddlers enjoy, I definitely agree with the age recommendation. There are a few very tall slides and climbing places where toddlers could get hurt.

Both boys loved the look of the tree/forrest themed playground and I have to agree with them it does look really neat. My 4 year old really liked all the details of the "tree" with a carved possum and a "bear cave" under the slide/tree fort that you climb from multiple sides. He isn't very adventuresome to new playgrounds especially without his more daring friends or cousins to encourage him to explore. My 2 year old liked the rope bridge especially and crossed it multiple times before moving on to other things.

Playground #2:

This wood chip based playground is also rated for 5-12 year olds with a play structure with high slides, different ways to climb up, a set of stairs, and a few elements on ground level for younger kids such as blue bongo drums and a red spinning wheel. 

Next to the play structure is a blue standing spinner for 1 kids, a set of swings with 2 toddler swings and 2 regular swings and a very tall circle spinner about 5.5 foot off the ground. 

This playground also has a large grass field nearby, benches near the playground, a grass baseball diamond with bleachers, restrooms and drinking fountain and a covered pavilion with picnic tables. 

This playground has a paved parking lot with more parking. 


- Themed playground is in a big wood chip circle surrounded by 4 shaded benches

- 2 separate restroom buildings, picnic tables and lots of grass and trees to play on nearby

- Really great design including a tree house, bear cave and rope bridge. There are lots of hidden "carved" animals to discover and places to hide.

- Multiple slides including a toddler sized slide at one end.

- fun hand crank wheel that the kids can pedal on ground level

- plastic rock climber

- swings at south playground


-Both parks are not very toddler friendly. Both are rated for kids 5-12 year old. 

- no wheelchair access on playgrounds

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