1396 Park Bouleverd, Ogden UT 84401

Today I (Danna) went to Big D Park with my 4.5 year old and some friends (kids ranging in ages from 2 to 4). We went around 10am on a Friday and, in addition to our group, there were only two other kids. Usually when we go to this park, there is another family or two, but it has never been overcrowded. Big D Park has a play structure on a sand base that is in a recessed area, making it great for containing smaller children. One side of the play area is open, but the other three have a wall surrounding it. This park is best for kids ages 2-12. 


-There is a ramp to access the play structure, so kids in wheelchairs or with limited mobility can still enjoy the structure. The ramp connects to a sidewalk, so wheelchairs do not have to go through the grass to get to the playground. 

-Three slides, including one twirly slide and two side-by-side smaller slides, are in good condition. 
-The play structure has built-in toys that are accessible with the ramp or by climbing stairs (a tic-tac-toe board and a steering wheel) 

-Surrounding the playground are three benches and plenty of picnic tables under a pavilion. The picnic tables are shaded by the pavilion, and the benches may be shaded by trees depending on the time. 

-Recessed playground makes it easy to contain and see kids. 

-Large grass field 

-Restrooms present 

-Parking lot 

-There is a paved path that surrounds the playground and grass field. (You cannot, however, see the playground from the entire path due to trees on one side of the path.) 

-The Ogden River Parkway, a paved running/biking/skating path runs next to this park. This makes it easy to go on a bike ride before or after playing at this park. 


-The sand in the play area often has some trash or debris in it. The park is well maintained, but I think this is inevitable when the trash blows into the lower play area and then gets trapped along the walls. 

-In the morning hours, this park is very windy. It was still windy when we got there around 10am, but was better by 11am. 

-Play structure is in the sun (although benches and picnic tables are shaded). 

-No swings 

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