663 24th Street Ogden, UT 84404

This is a wheelchair accessible playground right next to the main branch of the Ogden City Library. You can see the playground from the glass window wall in the kids section of the library upstairs. It has a wood chip base play structure, a toddler swing (and a missing regular swing), restrooms and a covered pavilion. This playground shares a parking lot with the city library branch on Jefferson Ave.

While the wheelchair ramped park of the play structure would probably be suitable for the 2-5 year old group and up, there is a low open panel (3 ft fall or less) that leads to monkey bars and a separate part of the structure that does not have any stairs access. You can only access the red twirly slide by climbing up the corkscrew element or from the monkey bars, so it appears to be suited for 5-12 year olds.

This park is in downtown Ogden. It isn't in the best neighborhood and has high crime and gang activity. I have been told this park homeless people often sleep in it at night. While I was there there was a sleeping back in the middle of the park suggesting someone was sleeping there overnight. One of the moms pushing a child in the swing pointed it out to me, and told me she left some food in the sleeping bag in case the person got hungry tonight. I visited on a Wednesday evening around 6:30pm and while I was there I saw 3-4 families playing on the playground. At any time taking pictures I didn't feel unsafe, but I didn't stay more than 5 minutes and didn't bring my kids on this occasion as I was meeting friends at a coffee shop nearby.


- wheelchair accessible play structure with ramps and elements like tic tac toe at low levels

- restrooms available in summer

- covered pavilion

-lots of grass to play in.

- playground looked clean and there was no visible garbage in the park

- 1 toddler swing available

-lots of trees nearby in park and the playground may be in partial or full shade in the morning


- No regular swing (missing) or adaptive swing

- not in the best neighborhood

- no park benches that I could see

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