220 E Elberta Dr, North Ogden, UT 84414

This is one of our favorite parks in North Ogden to visit, specifically because it has a few very large trees that shade most of the playground structure in the afternoon/evening. During the morning the west bench is in the shade. The entire playground including the swings used to be shaded until 2017 when the parks and rec. department had to cut down two of the large trees that were dying. I would love to see the city plant trees to replace the ones they cut down, but unfortunately this park isn't a top priority for planting more trees at least in the next few years because some parks in the city still have zero shade. So unless a private donor pays for the new trees and donates them to the city, the swings will remain in full sun. 

This play structure is rated for the 2-12 year old age group, meaning it has at least one element suitable for a 2 year old (the small double red slide) . On the back side of the structure it has two open panels, one with a ladder at 5 feet and one with red disks that swirl at 3 feet, where a toddler could walk off or fall. Because of these areas it may not be suitable for younger kids without adult supervision. This play structure does not have a fireman's pole and the tube slide is enclosed. The playground also features a single swing but the second swing is missing. I have been told that the swing has been ordered to replace the hole. Update: Two brand new swings were installed 2018 and set at the right height and distance apart. 

On the playground structure there is a broken tic tac toe (which has been reported to the parks and rec. department and awaiting a solution). Otherwise the playground is in fair condition but fading from age. Update: 2019 the metal grating on play structure started to rust out and become detached near a stair. It was reported to NO parks department. 

This is a huge secluded park and usually very quiet. There is an entrance road off Elberta  that is marked with a small wooden sign that says Lomond View Park and then a very large parking lot near the playground. This park has a covered pavilion at the top of a hill to the east, two restrooms which are very old and may or may not be working and a large porta-potty (to make it ADA compliant). Above the playground on top of a hill there is a very large grass soccer field. All three sides of the park are completely fenced in. This is one of the reasons I love this park. I feel that my kids can safely wander around the park without having to worry too much of them wandering off. 

Probably my kids' favorite part of this park is the big bushes next to the covered picnic tables at the top of the hill. The bushes grow a couple feet off the ground and kids have made paths through the bushes. My boys will spend a couple hours exploring and running through the "tunnels". 


- secluded location, fenced in park on 3 sides

- tons and tons of space to let kids run and explore

- covered pavilion available to eat at or reserve

- partially or mostly shaded playground depending on time of day

-restrooms available (although it may be the porta-potty)

-at least 1 slide for younger toddlers


- old playground structure with broken tic tac toe and rusted out platform

-playground not wheelchair accessible

-no toddler or adaptive swings

P.S. This is the first park playground that I advocated to a local city to get the equipment fixed. While a solution hasn't been found for the broken tic tac toe because they no longer manufacture or sell replacement parts for this structure, I was told that within a week of my meeting with the city department they ordered a replacement swing to fill in the missing swing that has been absent for over 3 years. 

update 11/2018: The city replaced both swings bays with new brackets and regular swings and adjusted the spacing to be in line with regulations. 

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