500 E 2750 N, North Ogden, UT 84414

This is one of the bigger playground structures in North Ogden. Although it is technically in the public North Ogden park, the North Ogden elementary school next door uses this play structure for their recesses so it is not available during the day. (We made this mistake the first time we visited and quickly realized it when 90 school aged kids came running towards us.) 

It features 4 slides including one very tall twirly slide, a shaky bridge and a few tunnels both on the structure and on ground level. I think it technically is rated for 2-12 year olds, but it does have quite a few open panels and tall slides so it may not be appropriate for younger toddlers without supervision. It also has one shaded bench and most of the playground is shaded during the day. 

There are a few broken or damaged elements on this playground such as words scratched into the slides and a missing overhead metal zip line thing but nothing that is a safety risk. 

In addition to the playground the North Ogden park has sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts and sports fields. There are restrooms and 2 pavilions you can reserve. 

My 2 and 4 year olds really like this playground. They love all the tunnels to hide and play in. My daredevil 2 year old also loves the high twirly slide and can go down it by himself. Both my kids liked that most of the playground is high enough that they can play underneath the playground.  


- very large play structure with lots of tubes and slides

- mostly shaded playground and bench

- some elements on the ground for younger kids or pretend play

- restrooms available during the summer

- covered pavilions and tons of sports fields in the park

- lots of grassy areas to play in


- playground not available during school hours

- some damaged or missing elements 

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