2100 W 4000 N Farr West, UT 84404

This is one of the newest playgrounds in the area, and it does not disappoint! It features a zip line, 6 swings, two big swings that can be used by multiple kids, climbing structure with multiple levels and different height slides, climbing walls, 4 seesaws, a rotating circle feature. The park also features a big walking/biking path, 2 pavilions with picnic tables, restrooms open during the summer spring and fall and a fishing lake filled with fish. They are adding building soccer fields in the near future. This playground is best suited for the 5-12 year old range, but there are a few elements the younger kids will safely enjoy.

We came at lunchtime on a Monday and there were 2-3 groups of kids and parents playing when we arrived. This was our first time at the park and my kids were visibly excited when they saw the park. They immediately wanted to play on the seesaws and then slowly made their way around the playground playing with the race car panel on the ground and then going down the slides.

My daring 2 year old went on the zip line by himself after a few times of me following with him to make sure he didn't let go, but my height fearing 4 year old never got up the courage to sit on the zip line disk and go by himself. He did figure out that he could hold on to the disk above his head and run the length of the zip line back and forth. So everyone had fun.

I will add that at the end of the zip line the child swings quite a bit when it hits the end and bounces back. I would warn the littlest daredevils or observe a couple times before letting them go on themselves. I also observed a pair of grandmas helping a 3 year old- one standing at the beginning and one at the end to "catch" him and slow him down so he didn't go as fast. Towards the end of our visit I got a few turns myself and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Accessibly wise I was a little disappointed.  While I realize this park was designed for the 5-12 year old range, there weren't any toddler swings or any adaptive swings, just 6 regular swings. There is a big round disk swing so that is a bonus and could work for younger kids or kids that need more support than traditional swings. The whole park has a wood chip base, which is common in our area because of our harsh winters and snow. There is at least one ramp to go into the playground, but again it isn't ideal with a wood chip base. There are no ramps on the play structure. On the big play structure they did have some sensory elements with big colorful bells you can ring, but you had to climb stairs to reach them. On ground level there are 2 drums to play. There is also a fun car themed panel on the ground with a spinner and cars you can "drive" which was nice.


- Huge park with lots of fun features for older kids including a zip line
- 2 big tube slides so you can still slide during the hot summer months and not burn your legs
- Some musical sensory elements including drums on ground level and metal bells to ring above
- No tall open drop offs on the second story of the playground (so no fireman poles or rock wall access) I can't tell you how much I love this having an adventurous 2 year old! The only access to the 2nd level is from ladders which may deter some young toddlers.
- Brand new bathroom building with running water
- 2 big covered pavilions with picnic tables
- lots of parking
- every thing is really new and clean


- Not well suited for younger children
- No handicapped accessible features except one large round disk swing
- Not enough shade. There are brand new trees but they are still small and don't provide shade. There    are a couple small sale cloth shades above the benches but don't provide shade a lot of the day.
- No fencing around park (but to be fair it isn't in a busy area and the playground/park is away from      the main road)

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