2700 N 1050 E, North Ogden, UT 84414

This is one of my go to parks in the winter/spring, mainly because they install a porta-potty near the playground in the winter when all the restrooms are closed and the water is shut off. When you have preschoolers this feature is a must! This park also has great sledding hills in the winter and is really popular, especially on the weekends. 

 It is a small neighborhood Little Tikes commercial playground with rubber tile surfacing. The playground is likely for the 2-12 yr range. Please note that the structure haS 2 open panels for the climbing rock wall and the vertical wall climbing thing on the back at a height of about 4.5 feet each, a fall hazard for toddlers. So it may not be suitable for younger kids without supervision. The red twirly slide is really fast (and fun) but younger kids tend to fly down it and fall on the ground. 

This play structure features a neat element. Under the rock wall there is a fun "cave" with drawings of dinosaurs and animals. There is a maze on the wall and a "find it" type game. There is also a small bench/table under the stairs for pretend play. There is a steering on ground level for the younger kids or kids in wheelchairs. 

Next to the playground there is a covered pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms open during the summer. East of the playground there is a hill (not super steep) and below the hill are 2 full size soccer fields. To the north there is a walking path and another soccer field in the middle of the path. Most of the time the path is accessible but today when we went part of the track was covered in standing water. The middle of the track is a popular place for people to run dogs or play fetch.

The main issues with this park is that it is very windy in the winter time and therefore can't have wood chips for the playground. Several years ago they installed rubber tiles on the playground but the harsh winters of ice and snow separated the tiles creating big cracks and tripping hazards. I asked the parks and recreation department specifically if they had any solution to fix the tripping hazards and although they have been searching for awhile the only solution is to resurface the entire playground.


- small clean playground

- bench (only 1) next to playground for parents

- short concrete wall separates the sidewalk/parking lot from the playground and helps contain little ones some

- lots of grass/fields to run in

- park is fully fenced in on 3 sides

- walking/jogging path to the north

- porta-potties in the winter for playground and sledding

- fun "cave" under play structure

- lots of parking in lots


- no swings

- trip hazards on playground with separating tiles

-really windy especially in winter

- no shade

- playground may not be suitable under 4 years old or young toddlers

- there is a bench/community board next to the playground that remains unfinished for the last year (nothing on the both sides- just plywood) and unused.

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