Eden Park
5522 E 2200 N Eden, UT 84310

This is the newest park in Ogden Valley funded by RAMP in 2013. It has lots of fun features including a two story tower on the playground, music features on the higher level, a rope spinner/merry go round and an adorable rocking dinosaur that holds 2 kids.

We visited Eden park on a Tuesday around lunchtime, ate our lunch there and played for well over an hour on the playground. We didn't see any other kids while we were there, but honestly didn't expect to as it is a fairly rural area. Other amenities to the park are 6 full size soccer fields, a community center and large parking lot.

One of my favorite things about this park ironically wasn't the playground structure, although it is awesome. I really liked the sidewalk that fully circled the wood chipped playground area. I feel like it helps kids know boundaries in the playground and is also fun to run around for kids. We brought our wagon with us to the park and my 2 and 4 year olds spent well over 20 minutes pushing and pulling each other in the wagon around the circle many times.

This newer playground is rated for ages 5-12 yrs old, but they did a good job with having features on ground level and some features not attached to the big structure for younger children. There is a rope spinner/merry go round, a really fun green spring dinosaur that holds 2 kids, a double sided window for pretend play and a steering wheel on ground level. I also like the fact that some of the structure like the bridge and first tier are set higher up so kids can play underneath also.

There are swings next to the playground structure- two regular and two infant/toddler swings. All are in working order and appeared to be at good heights for swinging or pushing.

One nice feature of the playground is that there are several park benches all around the circle of the playground for observing kids play. I did note that the park benches were lower to the ground and it was easier for my kids to get on and off the benches. There was also a large trash can attached to one of the benches near the playground.

The top tier of the play structure was my favorite. It has a ladder that goes up to the second tier where there were 2 twirly slides, a telescope that moved, 4 colored bells you could ring and a set of plastic drums. All of the sides of the top tier were high and I didn't worry about a child leaning over the edge.

Something noteworthy during our visit: There was a lot of clothing laying around the park presumably left in the past. There was a women's sock under the swings, a grey sweatshirt on one of the park benches and on one of the tables near the community center there was a large pile of blankets, items of clothing and water bottles. At first I assumed they were belonged to a homeless person, but I did not see anyone at the park during our visit and to my knowledge the valley doesn't have a lot of homeless people because of the cold weather.


- big newer playground for kids 5-12 yrs and elements on the ground for younger kids

- playground set very far away from the road with two soccer fields in the way

- 4 swings- two regular, two infant/toddler

- fun features including a second story on the playground with bells and drums

- sidewalks that circle the playground

- lots of parking along side street in front of park

- covered pavilion and community center


- no adaptive swings or handicapped accessible elements

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