520 W. Elberta Street, Pleasant View, UT 84401

This is a big playground in Pleasant View great for kids 5 and older. It has 5 tall slides, including one really tall twirly slide, multiple climbing walls to get to the playground platforms, a teeter totter, monkey bars, separate tall climbing frame and set of stairs that look like a big orange fish. My kids affectionally call it the "orange fish park". 

Next to the playground there is a big covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms open during the summer, basketball courts, a baseball diamond and a soccer field in the park. When we visited today in early October after several days of rain most of the soccer field was a giant lake. 


- large playground suitable for kids 5-12 with lots of fun colorful features like a teeter totter, fish stairs, really tall slides and monkey bars

- restrooms and covered pavilion next to playground

- large open grass fields with sports fields

- three benches on the south side of the playground to sit at. The benches are on a concrete pad, nice because you don't have to sit with your feet in mud in the wetter months. 


- no shade on playground. There are quite a few trees planted at the park, a few near the playground, but all the trees are very small still and don't provide shade. 

- no suitable for kids under 5 years old. Unlike most playgrounds there aren't any elements for younger kids or a separate playground for them. There are lots of high open panels, many over 5-6 feet for elements like fireman poles and rock walls that toddlers could walk off and get hurt. 

- the teeter totter has old car tires to help kids get on and off. 2 of the 4 tires are shredded and fallen over making them useless. They need to be replaced. 

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