Liberty Park
State Rte 162, Eden, UT 84310

This park features an older metal playground in Ogden Valley close to the North Ogden Divide. The park itself has a big grassy field for soccer or other sports, a covered pavilion and building and possible restrooms but we did not go in the building.

My overall impression of the park was that was a park long forgotten or one they just don't have any money to do any upkeep to. There is a plaque in the park that says the park was erected in 1966. By the look of it I would say the play structure is original or at least dating back to the 1980s or earlier. Despite it's age, the play structure is in good condition. You can tell it was painted the red and black colors some time ago but it seems structurally sound and doesn't have any broken parts on it. I assume that it is rated for 5-12 yr olds, but there are no marking indicating so. Personally I kind of liked the old metal slides and my kids found them fun. It definitely reminds me of the all metal slides I grew up with on Hill AFB in the late 80s and early 90s. One friend that did not join us this time commented that she hates the twirly slide for her kids at this park and felt the curve was too steep and her kids toppled down it.

There is a metal overhead glider (similar to a above head zip line) and a set of monkey bars on the playground. Both are kind of awkward and not usable for smaller kids. The overhead glider is at a height of 80 inches from the ground and even with the step it is hard to reach for a short adult. The monkey bars are also very high with older style swinging circles. It don't assume they get much use.

The playground sits on a sand/gravel mix at the very end/corner of the park. There are two long rock and concrete objects that I would assume are used as benches. No traditional park benches are near the playground. I was impressed that the whole play structure was in the shade mid day from the neighboring trees. The swings were not in any shade.

The swings next to the play structure are not all in tact. Some are broken and swinging by one chain, one swing is just looped through a chain instead of the s hook and the infant swings are very low at 14" and 9" from the ground. One swing is missing entirely.

Sadly the wood picnic tables in the rest of the park where also neglected and some broken and boards hanging or the boards completely missing.


- large park with open space for running

- shaded metal playground structure

- covered pavilion with tables


- swings broken or too low to swing in

- overhead glider and monkey bars may be too high for most kids to reach

- broken picnic tables

- no handicapped access to playground or handicapped accessible features

- not recommended for toddlers

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