751 21st Street Ogden, UT 84401

This is a large new playground put in within the last few years in Ogden. It is rated for 5-12 years old and has lots of fun elements like twirling seats, a merry go round, multiple monkey bars, 8 slides and 2 teeter totters. The playground is wheelchair accessible with ramps on the play structure and has a sidewalk that goes directly to the playground from 21st street. It is right next to an elementary school on 21st street, but the elementary school does not use it. 

The park itself does not have a parking lot but there is plenty of parking on 21st street and also on Monroe Blvd. There are restrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts and a covered pavilion with picnic tables. This is a very large park on a corner that takes up a whole block and has lots of grassy areas to play in. There are also lots of trees in the park, except none near the playground for shade. 

We visited at lunchtime on a Monday. We went with friends, kids ages 3-5 years old. There was one other mom and 2 year old at the playground when we arrived. While most of the playground was great for the younger kids 2 and 3, a few of the elements were not suitable for them. It is rated for 5-12 year olds. There is a very tall and steep green rainbow shaped metal climbing bars to access the tallest slide and another steep climbing bars on the other side of the same slide. Of course the brave 3 year old tried (and succeeded) to climb one of the elements but definitely scared the moms. There are also a few high open panels for the climbing bars and a rock wall that would not be suitable for younger children because of fall hazards. The small twirling red seats were perfect height for the younger kids and they loved spinning on them. 

The one disappointment at this park was that the big red merry go round was very hard to turn even for adults. It could use some grease or fixing to work properly. None of the kids were able to turn in by themselves either on the ground or by the spinning wheel in the center. 

My kids favorite part of the playground was the teeter totters (seesaws). A child can sit on the lower platform or stand comfortably and hold on to the top red handles. They are really springy and took almost no effort for a parent standing up to push the child on the other side. I also could stand on the platform myself and play.


- nice new playground for kids 5-12. Some elements suitable for younger kids. 

- fun features like teeter totters, merry go round and lots of slides

- restrooms next to playground on 21st street

- lots of on street parking

-lots of grass and ball courts at the park

- wheelchair accessible ramps on play structure and sidewalk all the way from the street to access.


- no swings

- no shade on playground

- merry go round was too tight and needed fixing or greased to work properly

- no park benches for adults

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