3250 Jefferson Ave Ogden, UT 84403

Guest review by Danna: I stopped by Orchard Park while running errands without kids, and upon arrival, I was glad that I didn’t have my kids with me. The park has a large grass field which looks nice to play in, but the playground is not inviting at all. It looks very old and does not have many features that my kids (ages 5 and 6) would enjoy. Upon closer inspection, I found large graffiti on the main platform of the playground.

While the playground structure does have a handicap accessible ramp and a sidewalk leading to it, the ramp only leads to an old steering wheel and then the platform drops off for the monkey bars. There is a small side-by-side slide at the other end of the monkey bars, but children need to be able to climb the spiral ladder or go across the monkey bars to get to it. There are no stairs for that platform, making it unfriendly to younger kids. There were, however, two regular swings and two toddler swings that looked to be in good shape.

Restrooms are present at the park. On the short wall that blocks the entrance to one of the restrooms, there was more graffiti that covered the wall.
There is ample on-street parking on three sides of the park.
Overall, this park was very underwhelming. The playground structure was outdated, and the litter and graffiti made if feel like an unsafe place to take my kids.
 -Swings are in working order
- Large grass field seems well kept
- Wood chip base
- Bathrooms present (closed during fall and winter seasons)

-Large graffiti in multiple locations

- Litter in the playground area

- Playground is outdated 

- Several large piles of wood chips

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