947 W Pleasant View Dr, Ogden, UT 84414

This is a really big park in Pleasant View with a very big playground. It is rated and best suited for 5-12 year olds. It has lots of tall slides, a treehouse like platform, rock wall, a huge sand box, 6 swings including 2 infant/toddler swings and a separate slide that you access from the top of the hill. In the park there are also 2 baseball diamonds, a large concrete area with a covered pavilion and picnic tables, pickle-ball courts, restrooms with multiple stalls and a lot of grass to play in. 

This definitely isn't a play structure for younger kids under 5 years old. Although it does have a small platform with a small double slide, the rest of the play structure is very tall (over 7 feet or taller) and has lots of open panels with a 7 feet drop or more. It also has quite a few steep climbing bars to access the top. I have a friend with toddlers who affectionately calls it the "climbing bars of death" park. 

For older kids it is an excellent new park. One thing I really like is the circle access up to the big platform kids can climb. All 3 of the platforms have nice roofs which provide a lot of shade. Since the platforms are so high, it also provides lots of areas to play under the structure, even for tall adults. 

Under the platforms there are some fun elements to play on a hand turning wheel, plastic bongo drums, 4 stool seats and an area for pretend play next to the stools. 

One unique and very nice feature next to the playground which I had never seen before was a bike repair and pump station. It had a bike pump and a bunch of attached wrenches and screwdrivers for repairing a bike. These would be great for places like the Ogden River pathway or near the bike trails that run next to Legacy Highway. 

I brought my 2.5 and 4.5 year old boys here on a Tuesday around 11am. We were the only kids on the playground and the rest of the park was empty except some seniors playing pickle-ball. While I didn't let them climb up the tallest climbing frames or on the metal bars, they did enjoy the small platform with the small slides, the stools under the playground and my daring 2 year old loved the slide with access from the hill. Their favorite by far was the big sand box. They begged to come back with buckets and shovels next time. 


- big new playground for older kids 5-12 years old. I would be hesitant to let a 5 year old by himself on some of the equipment but I think 7+ would be more appropriate. 

- huge sand box

- 6 swings in good condition including 2 infant/toddler swings

- covered pavilion and picnic tables

- nice big clean bathrooms

- lots of grass and ball fields in the park 

- Most of the playground/park is contained by a fence or a very big hill. It is far away from the road. The only issue is a neighboring house which is not fully fenced. 


- not suitable for younger kids

- no handicapped accessible elements

- no adaptive swings

- no shade near the playground or sand area

- no trash cans near the playground or near the picnic tables or pavilion. The nearest one was at the baseball diamond. I did see some trash in the wood chips and sand box, probably because it was inconvenient for people to find the trash cans. 

- the picnic tables and concrete under the picnic tables were really gross. There was trash on and under the tables (again no trash cans) and so many stains and 3 dimensional spills/messes. It didn't look like they had been cleaned in a very long time. 

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