3815 Jackson Ave Ogden, UT 84403

Guest review by Danna: I visited Grandview Park on a sunny day around noon with my 5 year old son. The park has a large grass area with baseball and soccer areas and a large pavilion with picnic tables. Near the pavilion and playground is on-street parking, but there is also a parking lot across the field. The pavilion also has restrooms available during the warmer months. 

The playground at this park is very limited. There is one simple structure of a rock climbing wall that has a built-in slide. My 5 year old enjoyed the small archway at the bottom of the wall, but was not able to climb the structure by himself. He decided to climb up the slide and go back down instead of climbing the wall, but that is not feasible if more than one child is playing. He preferred to just run around in the open grassy area and avoid the climbing wall. 


- Ample parking at the park in the parking lot and on street parking

- Covered pavilion with picnic tables in the park

 - Restrooms available (not open during winter) 

- Large grass area for kids to play in

- unique rock climbing structure in park with slide


- No swings 

 - No traditional playground structure 

- Limited number of kids can play at the same time 

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