1350 US-89, Ogden, UT 84404

This is one of my favorite parks because of the secluded location, huge park and fun play structures. We have been going to it for a couple years, but enjoying it more now that my boys are getting a little older. It has a wood chip base playground with a big play structure that is older and new elements like rock climbing walls and other climbing elements, a separate swing area over a bridge and stream, big walking/running or biking tracks, basketball court, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a disc golf course and a large covered pavilion with restrooms (closed during the winter months). There is also a separate splash pad on the other side of the parking lot closer to the road (but still fenced in for safety). 

This is also one of the shadier parks, especially during the summer. The basketball court next to the playground is usually fully shaded and is a great place to have toddlers ride bikes or scooters and still be close to other kids on the playground. 

On the playground there are also two twirling seats shown in the photo above. My kids love these, but they are pretty high, about waist level to an average to short woman, and my kids have to be helped up to them. 

My boys sometimes call this the rocket park because of the triangular structure with three "floating" triangle shaped objects to climb on. It sort of looks like a rocket and they pretend they are blasting off to space. 

These tethered stepping stones are also a favorite as is the elevated rope bridge. 

While most of the playground equipment is rated for kids 5-12 years old, the structure with the red slides is fairly toddler friendly except the arched yellow metal climbing ladder. When my son was 1 yr old we had to stop going to this park for awhile because he was determined to do this ladder by himself (and couldn't). At the top of the arch it is 5 foot tall and hard to "spot" or help a toddler from the ground. 

The only piece of equipment that is marked with a rating for kids 2-5 years old is the metal steps with a steering wheel at the bottom and a rock wall openings at the top. This isn't very safe for younger kids in my opinion (except if they stay at the bottom and use the steering wheel) because they can fall off the openings high up and these "rock steps" are quite large and slippery. 

The location of this park is great and has lots to explore. All the different elements are spread out and there are lots of trees. There is a stream that runs through the park so beware if you have younger kids or kids that like to explore (and get wet). 

Over the metal bridge there are tennis courts and a wood chip base with 6 swings. There are 4 regular swings, one infant/toddler swing and one adaptive swing people with special needs that couldn't normally swing and need more support. 

There is also a half mile track for walking/running or bikes. I especially like this path because it does not intersect with the road or the parking lot, a necessity when biking with preschoolers or younger kids. The path also extends towards the left of the picture and connects with the splash pad, but does intersect with the drive way and the parking lot.

The splash pad is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and have hours posted Monday - Saturday 10am-8pm. Last summer (2018) they were having problems with the splash pad and it was closed more than it was open. The hours kept getting shorter and shorter and some days it was just closed unexpectedly. When it is open it is a really fun place.


- very large park with lots of trees and shade

- large parking lot with ample parking

- large covered pavilion and restrooms (closed during the winter)

- smaller covered pavilion next to playground with picnic table

- large playground 

- benches at playground - one in shade

- separate swing area with regular swings, toddler swing and special needs adaptive swing

- large half mile walking/bike path that does not intersect with road or parking lot

- tennis courts


- playground not wheelchair accessible and does not have a sidewalk that connects to the playground directly (must go through grass to get to it) 

- no separate playground structure for kids 2-5 years old

- splash pad broken a lot of summer 2018 

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