3302 Grant Ave Ogden, UT 84403

Guest review by Danna: I visited Jefferson Park on a sunny day in November around noon. Parking is available in a lot or on-street. Initially, the park looked promising. There is a nice pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms (not open during winter), and an ample amount of park benches surrounding the area. The playground also looks like fun. It has several slides of varying sizes and access to the slides via stairs or ladders, so kids of all ages can play. There are also monkey barsclimbing areas, and two toddler swings, all on a wood chip base. Beyond the playground area, there is a soccer field, a sand pit for volleyball (although the net was not up, possibly down for the winter season), and a paved walking path that surrounds the park. 

The major problem with this park is that it seems to be a frequent hangout area for homeless individuals. In the short time I was there, I counted three groups of homeless people with their belongings that were in the pavilion and around the playground. I am not familiar enough with this area to know if this is common or not, but I would not feel comfortable letting my kids play here. 


- 4 slides on playground all different 

- Covered pavilion with picnic tables

- Bathrooms next to playground (closed during the cold seasons) 

- Park benches 

- Plenty of shade 

- 2 toddler swings 

- Soccer field 


- Homeless individuals all around the park
 - No regular swings or adaptive swings 

- Not handicap accessible (It looks like it could be handicap accessible if the partial ramp was finished to be connected to the sidewalk.) 

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