500 W 2000 N St, Harrisville, UT 84404

This is a very small playground with a wood chip base next to a walking path in Harrisville. There is a covered pavilion with one picnic table under it and one bench next to the playground. 

The playground structure has four slides, a fireman's pole, a matching animal panel that turns and a steering wheel. It isn't fancy, but it is in good condition. 

The main thing I like about this park is the big paved walking path. The path is all flat and does not connect to the road or sidewalk. The playground and park are fenced on all sides except for an opening in the fence to enter and exit at each end of the park. The playground is also set quite far from the road, which can be busy as there is a junior high school across the street. If you were running on the path, you would have a clear sight of vision to the playground and kids on it. 


- flat walking path with good sight to the playground

- small playground in good condition

- park fenced on all sides with opening on both ends


- no restrooms

- no swings

- not wheelchair accessible

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