1700 W 1500 N, Farr West, UT 84404

This is an older but fun playground in Farr West that features a fenced in playground on a sand/gravel base, 4 regular swings, a tire swing, running wheels, a balance board, slide, monkey bars and overhead glider. This playground is best suited for kids 5-12 years old. It does not have any features for younger kids. 

At the park there is covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms (closed during the winter), a large 0.5 mile (est.) walking path that circles the park, two basketball hoops in the parking lot, baseball diamond and a huge grass area for playing in. 

By far my kids favorite part of this playground was the metal balance board with a white pole above to hang on to for stability. We have not seen this element at any other park locally and they were definitely intrigued. My 4.5 year old (shown in above picture) was able to hold on and balance on this with no problem. My 2.5 year old was just a little too short to hold on to the bar above. 

My boys also loved the tire swing at this park. This tire swing is in good condition and turns easily. They had fun spinning each other on it and seeing how fast they could go. The metal posts are far enough away from the swing that they couldn't run into the posts even if they tried. 

This playground does have 4 regular swings in good condition. Although I fully realize this park is meant for kids 5-12 years old, I was a little disappointed that there were no infant/toddler swings present. Sometimes it is handy to have a safe place to put a smaller child (contained no less) while the older siblings are playing on the playground. 

The main play structure features two slides, one tunnel slide and one open, a corkscrew pole, monkey bars, overhead glider and chain ladder. Although it is smaller, it is rated for kids 5-12 years old because of the corkscrew feature with open panel up at about 5.5 feet. Honestly this is a pretty standard play structure like so many others in the area and my kids didn't even care to climb on it. But everything is in good condition and nothing broken we could see. 

Another fun feature at this park is the standing spinning wheels next to the balance board. We have seen these at other parks but they either go too fast or the handles are too far apart to hold on to for a smaller child. Both my 2.5 yr old and 4.5 year old were able to stand and run on these without any problem. 

One feature I really appreciate about this park is the fact that it is fully enclosed with a 6 foot fence. There is only one opening (no gate) to enter or exit. This is especially helpful if you are watching multiple children at once or you have a small child that likes to run. There are two park benches in the fenced playground and both are in the shade (barely) during the day. 

Besides the benches in the shade, the entire playground is in full sun. 


- fun playground for kids 5-12 year olds with unique features like a tire swing, spinning wheels and balance board

- 4 regular swings 

- fully fenced playground

- 2 benches in shade during the day

- restrooms and covered pavilion with picnic tables near playground

- drinking fountains near playground in park

- large walking path circles park


- sand/gravel base not ideal (personal preference mostly because the sand gets everywhere and gets into scrapes if they fall)

- no toddler or adaptive swings

- playground not wheelchair accessible or has inclusive elements

- not suitable for younger kids under 5 years old

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