4345 N 4150 W, Plain City, UT 84404

This is a fun newer playground constructed in 2014 in Plain City (west of North Ogden and Farr West). It has a big wood chip based playground with a structure specifically for kids 2-5 years old and one for 5-12 years old. There are many fun elements like a big 3 dimensional "PlayWeb", curved rock climbing walls and twirling.

We visited this park on a Tuesday morning around 11 am. While we were there a resident with two small kids (ages 1 and 5) joined us on the playground and played with us.

My favorite part of this playground is actually the younger kids area, because they are almost non existent in our area. On the smaller play structure there are stairs, a curvy tube with hand holes on the side, two slides, leaf steps climber and a car racing game with spinner.

To the left of the small structure there is a metal flower frame (for climbing?) and a small "music store" structure on ground level. On the music store there is a counter, two drums, a marble wheel and a bell.

Behind the music store there is a set of swings, two regular and two infant/toddler swings.

My preschoolers loved the spinning elements the best at this park. While the two year old was a little small for the standing spinner, both kids had a blast in the spherical spinner you sat in.  They took turns spinning each other and even told another mom on the playground how fun it was.

They also found the big rope "merry go round" spinner fun and played with another little girl on it.

There were lots of climbing elements at this park with rock walls and curved metal climbers. My kids were a little too young to care about these, but I imagine the elementary school aged kids love them.

The geometric rope climber is big hit at these playgrounds. I liked that this one had a seat in the middle where a child could sit on and that it had access to and from the big play structure.

On the big play structure, rated for kids 5-12 years old, there are lots of slides, a curvy climber access, a slanted tube tunnel with hand holes, another spin racer game and a step "bridge" that looks like logs to access the big geometric climber.

My preschoolers liked the triple slide the best. These slides are easy to access and very fast.

The only piece of broken equipment at the playground was the first step on the log bridge. It was cracked on both sides vertically and had a horizontal crack on one side. When you put any weight on it the log feels like it might snap in half. I would recommend not letting your kids play on this element until it is fixed.

Also located in the park there is a covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms (closed during the fall and winter), a baseball diamond, sand volleyball court and big grass areas.


- large newer playground with climbing and musical elements as well as slides

- separate play structure for kids 2-5 years old as well as elements on ground level good for toddlers

- covered pavilion with picnic tables at park

- restrooms on site (closed during fall and winter)

- sand volleyball court

- lots of grassy area

- multiple park benches throughout park

- trees planted all around playground although not mature yet

- wood chip base under all of playground equipment

-very large parking lot at park


- broken plastic log on bridge

- trees surrounding playground are still small and do not provide shade yet.

- no wheelchair accessible elements or inclusive elements such as adaptive swings present at the park

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