4351 W 2425 N St, Plain City, UT 84404

This is a large order playground in Plain City with a sand/gravel base. This playground is best for 5-12 year olds. There isn't much for younger kids except a small double slide, as many of the elements do not have stairs to access and have to be accessed from monkey bars or ladders. 

The main structure has one very tall slide (maybe 7-8 feet tall) but does not have stairs access. There is another taller slide (this one yellow and orange straight slide) but again doesn't have stairs access. 

Next to the main colorful structure there is an older all metal monkey bars and three different leveled metal bars. There is also a geometric metal dome. 

Past the monkey bars there is a fun obstacle style metal bars course. It features an overhead glider, a couple sets of monkey bars and a fun springy contraption (shown to the right of the picture below) that you stand on. My 2 and 4 year old were too young for this but I can assume it is liked by elementary school aged children. 

The park also features a covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms (closed during the winter) baseball diamond, a couple basketball hoops and a grassy area and benches near the playground. 

While I wanted to like this park, my kids were too young to utilize the equipment at this park and wanted to leave after the first few minutes. 


- Big playground with lots of separate play elements for kids 5-12 years old

- restrooms and covered picnic tables present at the park

- lots of grassy area to run around in the park

- partially fenced with a fence separating the road and playground


- very limited access for smaller kids or elements suitable for 2-5 year olds

- not handicapped accessible or inclusive elements

- no swings

- no shade on playground

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