275 E 400 S Washington Terrace, UT 84405

This is a big playground in Washington Terrace with lots of rock wall towers, a few slides, 4 swings and monkey bars on a wood chip base. It was well maintained and has a small grass area behind the playground and a separate larger grass area across the parking lot. There is also a covered pavilion with picnic tables, benches and restrooms at the park. 

We visited this park on a Monday afternoon around 1pm. There was one family there when we arrived, but we didn't see anyone else. The area around the park was pretty quiet mostly with residential houses. The loudest thing were the 4 dogs in the backyard that shares a fence with the park. Any time we stepped on the grass past the playground, the four dogs parked incessantly at us. The fence does have privacy slats but it looks like the dogs have chewed them off towards the bottom. Because of this we didn't really play in the grass while at the park. 

It is not marked, but I imagine this playground is rated for 5-12 year olds. While there is a small double slide, I didn't find this playground too toddler friendly. All the elements on the playground are separated by things you have to climb on to get to the next area. There are a couple open panels near the slides at 5.5 foot tall and the the tall rock walls have a platform you can stand on at the top but the sides are open where a toddler could fall off on either side. 

Even though my kids aren't big climbers, they really liked all the climbing walls. Because all the climbing walls are curved, the also make excellent places to hide. While we were there we played hide and seek for quite a while.

There are also 4 swings, two regular and two infant/toddler swings on the playground next to the big structure.

A big negative to this park is the parking lot. Because of the way the park is situated on a corner between two streets, they separated the park and put a parking lot and passway to the other side of the park with concrete barricades. They put 6 parking stalls on each side (you can't go through the middle) but they are facing towards the center. There is not enough room to turn around when there is a car parked next to you so you have to reverse down the whole parking lot and back out into the street. If you visit this park, I would just recommend parking on the street instead of in the lot. 


- fun big playground for 5-12 years olds with lots of rock walls to climb

- 4 swings at park, two regular and two infant/toddler swings

- restrooms and covered pavilion near playground

-benches near playground

- quiet neighborhood 


- parking lot is tricky to get out of

- dogs that bark at you if you are on the grass behind playground

- not wheelchair accessible or inclusive elements like adaptive swings

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