5875 S 4600 W Hooper, UT 84315

This is a small community playground in Hooper. It is rated and suitable for kids 5-12 years old and has a wood chip base. It has a few very long slides, a standing twirler and a set of tall monkey bars. The park features a covered pavilion with picnic tables one in the playground and one near the parking lot, but no restrooms on site. The park has a VERY large grassy area that is not developed and a sidewalk that accesses the playground. 

Our first impression of this park was not great, although to no fault of the park itself. There is a small sidewalk that connects the large parking lot to the partially fenced playground. To the right of the sidewalk there is a neighboring house with a backyard that backs up to the fence. As soon as we got to the sidewalk the two dogs in the backyard (one shown in the picture above the sign) started barking at us aggressively and followed us barking to the playground. My kids are pretty scared of dogs and both started crying and did not want to walk up to the park near the dogs. If you have kids that are also afraid dogs I would at least warn them beforehand. 

Although this playground is very compact, it has a lot of fun and tall elements that kids 5-12 years old will enjoy.  The tallest platform is probably 8+ feet tall and has a circular ladder that goes to the top of the platform next to the slides. 

All the slides are very tall except for one smaller single slide near the steps and are very fast. My 4.5 year old especially liked the grey and green slides that curved slightly from the tallest platform. 

There is a very tall metal ladder that twists that older kids may find fun and challenging. 

Off to the side the main structure there is a fun standing spinner and set of monkey bars that connects to a small slide. 

The playground was well maintained and everything looked to be in good condition with the exception of some permanent marker that kids had signed their names with on one of the tall green slides. 

Overall, this is a fun small playground for older kids. I like that the playground is mostly fenced in with two openings (no gates) to enter and exit. There isn't much for younger kids 2-5 years old except for a small slide. I was okay letting my 4.5 year old play by himself on the playground but had to follow the 2 year old around carefully since it had such high open panels that he could have fallen off. 


- fun playground for 5-12 year old with tall slides, tall ladders, a standing twirler and monkey bars

- quiet location in a neighborhood

- large parking lot

- very large grass field to run and play

- plenty of benches near playground and a covered pavilion with picnic tables


- aggressive dogs that bark at you when you enter the park

- no restrooms at park

- no swings

- playground not wheelchair accessible or have inclusive elements

- no shade on playground

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