Pleasant View Elementary School
3644 N 900 W Pleasant View, UT 84414 


This elementary school playground is one of the biggest play structures I have seen so far. I imagine this could easily hold a hundred kids or more at a time comfortably, which is great for multiple grade levels at recess time. At the playground there is a big play structure, a separate colorful climbing tube set off the ground, a dome shaped metal climber and a separate short up and down metal monkey bar contraption that kids can climb over or under. Next to the playground structure there also is a large blacktop are with basketball hoops, four-square areas and a large grass field. The playground sits on a large area with pea sized gravel as the base. 

Like all elementary school playground in Weber County, the general public is only allowed to access and use the playground during non-school hours, weekends and summers. That also means that there are no public restrooms available. 

This is a partially shaded playground. To the south there are some very big trees that provide some shade and the size of the structure provides some shade also. 

I brought my 2 year old to play on this playground on a Saturday morning. We did not see any other kids or adults at the school while we were there, so we got playground to ourselves. My son really liked the metal dome structure to "hide" under, throwing the pea sized gravel in the air over and over again and the uneven steps to climb between two of the platforms shown in the picture below. The steps were maybe 2-3 feet off the ground so it was easy for me to follow along side him on the ground and catch him if he started to fall. 

Under the big rock steps shown in the first picture there is a "cave" with dinosaur skeletons on it, similar to the Mount Ogden park. 

This is a good picture to show the size/length of the big structure. 

The separate elevated tunnel and short monkey bar climb on/under thing. 


- very large play structure with lots of room for kids to explore. Rated for 5-12 year olds.

- separate play areas like the tunnel, monkey bars and metal dome to play on.

- partially shaded

- multiple slides and access points to the structure

- playground far away from any major roads/mostly fenced in


- no public restrooms

- no handicapped accessible play areas

- no swings or twirling elements

- pea size gravel base gets in shoes easily much like sand and is uncomfortable to walk in. 

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