5821 E 1900 N, Eden, UT 84310
Review written October 30, 2018

Valley Elementary school up in Ogden Valley is a great place to play during the weekend or during the summer because it has four different playgrounds, something for all ages and abilities. All the playgrounds are so different that it makes it worth the trip up to Valley Elementary even if you don't live nearby. All the playgrounds are either totally enclosed by fences in the front or behind the school a far distance from the road. 

We visited these elementary school playgrounds on a Sunday afternoon. There were no other cars or people at the school or on the playgrounds. As this is a pretty rural location in the valley I didn't expect to see anyone else there. When we have driven by on weekends we haven't seen anyone at the school before either. If you want a playground all to yourself, this might be a good one. 

In the front of the school behind a fully enclosed metal gate with latch there are two separate playground structures, one meant for younger kids rated for 2-12 years old and one wheelchair accessible structure at the far end with a twirly slide and lots of stepping platforms. Both playgrounds have a flat rubber (pour in place) surfacing great for wheelchairs and won't be a tripping hazard for younger kids. There is easy access from the parking lot for a wheelchair with sidewalks and inside the playground there are no raised steps or transitions from the playground to the sidewalk inside the fence. 

The smaller playground closest to the gate is a really nice structure for younger kids. All the slides are very close to the ground, just a few inches high on the double slide and the single slide is flush with the surfacing. The open panels are 4 feet or less from the surfacing and there are hand rails for stability on the stepping stones. My two year loved this playground and I liked the fact that I could supervise from the outside of the structure to give him some independence while still making sure he was safe and help if needed. 

Between the two play structures there is a very short bench a couple inches off the ground painted with handprints and a saying. 

There is also a half picnic table on the concrete nearby inside the fencing facing the playground that could seat 2 adults comfortable or maybe 3 kids and another facing near the short kids bench butting up against the school wall. I really like that there is seating not only for kids but also for adults on the playground. 

The wheelchair accessible play structure is similar to the playgrounds at Majestic Elementary and Green Acres Elementary. It has wide ramps for wheelchairs or multiple kids running up and down the ramps, slides and fun panels with drums and a bell. This one also has lots of fun stepping stones to access the structure. 

This playground is also a Biba playground, an app that allows you to interact with the playground, play games with your kids and keep them active. We haven't tried the app yet, but hope to have a review soon with different age kids. 

One feature I really like about this playground is the many different panels that teach things. One panel teaches the braille alphabet and then on another panel it has jokes that have the answer spelled out in braille, reinforcing the concept in a fun way. There are also mix and match animals, a taxi panel and a panel under the slides for pretend play with a window that says general store. 

This playground also features two fun colorful slides. This playground is rated for kids 5-12 years old. There are a few high open panels near the slides that could be a fall hazard for younger kids. Except for the area near the slides I felt safe letting my (young) kids run all over this playground without worrying. 

The colorful stepping stones.

At the back of the school there are two playgrounds geared towards older kids. Both are very different and challenging for older kids.

The first playground to the left of the school is a playground with a sand/gravel base. All of the elements are separate and can accommodate lots of kids. There is a big merry go round raised up off the ground higher so older kids can spin it, a twirling pole, spinning seats, overheard glider, a really tall slide with climbing wall, dome climber, spinning/climbing circles and several sets of monkey bars. I couldn't find a rating on the equipment but I would say it was appropriate for kids older than 5 or 6 years old. 

It is hard to see scale in this picture, but the slide/rock wall is very tall. I would estimate it at 8-10 feet to the platform.

There are lots of concrete between the back two playgrounds with four square and basketball courts. 

The last playground in the back is also for older kids and also on a sand/gravel base. It is appropriate for kids 5-12 years old. It has a play structure with a slide, monkey bars, metal climbing structure and dome climber. It also has a normal sized bench for sitting in the sand.

My kids favorite feature about this playground was the red "rocket" spinner. They also liked the grey tunnel connecting two of the platforms.

While most of this playground was too advanced for them (which I expected), they did like the big structure and the slides.


- 4 separate playground good for different ages and abilities

- lots of equipment spread out for large amounts of kids at a time

- a few benches for kids and adults on playgrounds

- playgrounds either fully enclosed with fences or behind school away from road and fenced on back perimeter

- quiet rural area around school

- 2 playgrounds have solid rubber flooring/base


- 2 of the 4 playgrounds have sand/gravel base

- no shade on any of the playgrounds

- no public restrooms

- playgrounds not available during school hours

- no swings

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