This is a small community playground surrounded by houses. There is a picnic table and a small play structure on a wood chip base. There are quite a few trees in this park so I can assume it has shade in the summer. 

This small playground is well hidden in a Riverdale neighborhood. It is in the middle of a block of houses with one access point, a small sidewalk between two houses- to the left of the driveway shown above. There is no parking for the park except on the street in front of the houses. 

The sidewalk butts up against a fence, which be aware does have two dogs. When we went to visit this park both medium to large dogs barked and followed us as we walked on the sidewalk. To the owner's credit when they heard the barking and saw us trying to access the park they brought the dogs inside. 

Inside the park there is a small play structure rated for 5-12 year olds. There is a small double slide, a slightly bigger straight slide, steps and a couple different ladders to access the slides. Below the slides there are two green circle seats and a set of plastic bongo drums. My preschoolers enjoyed this little structure while we were visiting. 

Next to the play structure there is an uncovered picnic table in the grassy area. I can imagine with all the mature trees this is a nice little shaded park to play at for the neighborhood kids. 

There are no restrooms, water or power hook ups at this park.

While this park is listed on Riverdale City's website as a public park, I assume that because of it's location tucked in a neighborhood and it's small size it is primarily used for the neighboring houses and not the general public. 


- small play structure in good condition rated for kids 5-12 years old

- secluded park fully fenced in by neighboring yards and only one open entrance/exit

- lots of mature shade trees 

- picnic table at park


- no public restrooms

- no parking lot

- no swings

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