4350 W 2575 N, Plain City, UT 84404

This is a large sand base playground in Plain City. It has quite a few amenities including a play structure, swings, baseball diamond, concrete basketball court, large grass area, covered picnic tables/pavilions, restrooms and newer tennis courts.  

When we got to the park my kids were excited to play on the play structure. The loved the blue slides and the swings. When we arrived there was only one other mom with 2 preschool/kindergarten aged boys at the park.

The play structure consisted of 2 different slides- one twisty and one long double slide, a metal climbing pole, a twisty pole, a plastic stair case climber, a steering wheel and a stair case. There was no age rating on the structure but I assume it was a 5-12 yr structure. 

The structure seemed to be in good condition except for the double straight slide. The right slide had a large crack in it at the bottom. The crack was raised, so beware it could snag clothing like pants on it as a child gets off the slide. 

Next to the play structure there are 4 swings, 2 regular and 2 infant/toddler swings. All seemed to be in good working order and at good height. 

The playground is on a large sand base with a concrete border around it. There are at least 3 wooden benches surrounding the playground. The benches all looked pretty worn with peeling paint, but all seemed sturdy to my untrained eye. Unfortunately, there is no shade for the benches or the play structure. 

One thing I really liked about this playground was the fact that it is almost all completely fenced in with a 4 foot chain link fence. There is a few open entrances near the basketball courts and near the tennis courts. Some of the entrances like the one nearest the playground structure have metal gates. The fences are especially nice if you have more than 1 child you are watching or have a toddler/child that wanders or runs off. 

 We visited this park in early April and were happy to report that the restrooms were open for the season. The restrooms were clean, lit well and well maintained. Next to the restroom doors there are working drinking fountains and a Pepsi machine. 

Next to the play structure there are 3 large covered pavilions with picnic tables and barbecue grills. There is a large covered trash can and bike racks. There is a concrete ramp that extends from the parking stalls to the picnic tables for wheelchair or stroller access. The sidewalk and concrete does not extend to the restrooms but not the play structures. 

At this park there are 4 newer fenced in and lit tennis courts. They were all in great condition and the nets were hung. 

Next to each set of double tennis courts there are covered benches for spectators and trash cans on a concrete pad. Each bench has a metal dedication plaque on it. 

In the park there is also a concrete basketball court and a grass baseball diamond with small bleachers.


- Nice sized sand based 5-12 yr old play structure with different slides

- swings

- restrooms and covered pavilions in park 

- new lit tennis courts and ball fields present

- mostly fenced in park

- security cameras in park for security (near restrooms) 


- cracked slide on play structure and chipping/weathered paint on benches

- playground not accessible by wheelchair or accessible elements like adaptive swings

- a few on-street parking stalls but no parking lot

- no separate 2-5 yr old play structure

- no shade on playground

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