Farr West Elementary School serves about 800 students in Weber School District located on 2700 N, west of North Ogden, just after the 1-15 ramps.This school currently has 2 different playgrounds, one in front on the school behind a fence near the parking lot and one behind the school with a wheelchair accessible ramp. 

At this school there are 2 large play structures, a metal climbing dome, a curved rock climbing wall, stepping stone platforms, a separate overhead glider off the playground in back, blacktop area with basketball hoops and large grass areas to play. 

The playground out front is rated for kids 5-12 years old with a sand/gravel base and features 2 slides, multiple climbing frames to access the platforms, stairs, fireman pole, steering wheel, turning animal facts panel and monkey bars. There is one buddy bench in this playground, but otherwise no seating. 

I like the animal panel that has pictures of animals on one side and facts about the animal on the opposite side. 

This front playground is fenced next to the parking lot and sidewalk sides. There is no shade on the front playground. 

Playround #2:

The second playground is located behind the elementary school. It has a sand/gravel base with a large play structure, metal overhead glider off the sand area, a separate monkey bar course, stepping circles, rock wall and colorful metal dome climber. 

Directly behind the school there is a large blacktop area with square games and basketball hoops. 

Overall, the back playground is in good condition except for the rope fireman pole located next to the double slide. The rope looks to have frayed and broken but this area is not blocked off or fixed as of summer 2019. 


- 2 big playgrounds for 5-12 yr olds

- wheelchair access playground behind the school with ramp

- both playgrounds partially behind fences

- bench at each playground


- near busy road on 2700 N

- no public restrooms

- no shade on playgrounds

- broken rope pole

Note: As this is part of an elementary school in Weber School District, there are no public bathrooms and the playground is only open to the public during non-school hours at night, weekends and during the summer. 

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