250 N 2200 W, Marriott-Slaterville, UT

This is a large park with a new wood chip based playground and a metal merry go round. Park amenities include a play structure, swings, merry go round, soccer field, large grass area, basketball court, covered picnic tables and restrooms. 

At the Slaterville park there is a new play structure for 5-12 year olds. It has 2 slides, climbing frames, a tunnel, monkey bar course and a fireman pole. 

There are quite a few mature shade trees surrounding the playground that provide shade mid day. 

On the playground there is also a set of two regular swings. 

Our favorite part of this park was the old metal merry go round. My kids were immediately drawn to it and played on the merry go round for almost 30 minutes before heading to the play structure. Although one pole was missing on it, the poles seemed to be clean cut or sanded so there were no sharp edges. 

There is also a basketball court shaded by a row of trees next to the playground. 

There is no parking lot for the park but lots of parking spaces on street for 45 degree parking. 


- new play structure for 5-12 yr olds

- older but fun metal merry go round

- in quiet residential area

- benches around playground

- shade trees around playground and basketball court


- no parking lot

- no wheelchair access on playground

- no toddler or ADA accessible swings

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