2565 W 3300 N Farr West, UT 84404

This is a large sand/gravel base playground in Farr West that includes a large play structues, swings, see saw, spring horse, covered picnic tables, benches, basketball court and restrooms.

The main play structure is colorful and features different kinds of slides, bead  and gear maze panels, climbing frames, spring bouncer, play house window at ground level, monkey bars and stairs. The play structure is rated for kids 5-12 years old with a few elements like the play house window and small slide suitable for younger kids.  

There are some unique features like a metal see saw and spring horses. My preschoolers loved the see saw and the 3 year old especially liked the spring horses. 

The playground features 6 regular swings (no toddler swings like other Farr West Parks) and a single tire swing. 

One thing I like about this playground is that it is fully fenced in with only one opening. While some of the residents dislike this feature, I appreciate it with multiple small kids. 

Outside the playground there are basketball hoops, large covered picnic tables, restrooms and a large parking lot. 

This is unlike a traditional park because it does not have any grass area in the park. 


- large play structure

- unique elements like metal see-saw and spring horses

- fully fenced in playground

- restrooms


- no toddler swings

- no wheelchair access on playground 

- no grass

Note: Access to this park is not on 3300 North but 2575 W. This park is known by Farr West residents and city as Jackson Park but the sign out front says 3300 North View Park. 

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