925 E 920 N, Ogden, UT 84404

This is a new wood chip based playground in Ogden, UT. Park amenities include and 2 story play structure, monkey bars,  swings, xylophone, bench, covered picnic tables,  restrooms and large grass field. 

The play structure is rated for 5-12 yr olds and I would agree with the rating. While it does have a small slide for younger kids, there is a horizontal climbing ladder that accesses the second story on the structure that would be challenging or dangerous for younger kids in my opinion. 

There are 4 regular swings at the playground. Update: 8/2019 Ogden City added a brand new adaptive/ADA accessible swing to this playground. Now there are 3 regular swings and 1 ADA swing (that can also be used for younger kids too!). 

There is also a new fun xylophone in the corner of the playground.

Next to the new elements there is a weathered wooden bench leftover from the old playground that is shaded by a tree, covered picnic tables and restrooms with wheelchair access from the parking lot.

Note: This is a Biba enabled playground, an app you can interact with at the playground meant to encourage physical activity and imagination.


- fun new playground with 2 story play structure

- 3 regular swings and one ADA accessible swing

- Biba playground

- restrooms near playground

- shaded bench

- large parking lot


- no shade on play structure

- no wheelchair access on playground with ramps or rubber surfacing

Is is of note that Google Maps labels the park as Ron Claire park. I talked with someone at the Ogden City Parks Department and they verified that they have no park with that name. I did put in a request for name change on Google Maps, but as of 9/8/19 it still reads as Ron Claire Park.

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