220 Monroe Blvd Ogden, UT 84404

This is newly refurbished playground on a wood chip base in Ogden, UT. The play structure was replaced in spring 2019 but some of the elements like the new sidewalks were installed in June 2019. 

Park amenities include a new play structure rated for 5-12 year olds, swings including an ADA accessible swing, metal xylophone, drums, covered picnic tables, fenced basketball court, baseball diamonds and restrooms. 

The play structure is new and has lots of fun elements. It includes stairs for access, 3 slides, circle turning monkey bars, regular monkey bars, a vertical climber and circular hoops to climb through. This play structure is rated for 5-12 year olds and doesn't have many elements for younger toddlers.

One thing I really like about this playground is that almost the entire playground is shaded by mature trees, different areas at different times of day. Mid morning the swings are covered and later in the afternoon the play structure is shaded. 

There are 4 swings in the playground with 2 regular swing and 2 toddler swings. Update: 8/2019 They installed one new ADA accessible swing. So there is one infant/toddler swing, one ADA swing and two regular swings. 

There is a large pavilion with 12 covered picnic tables and restrooms next to the playground. They also recently added 3 concrete benches, a metal xylophone and a set of plastic drums inside the playground. 

There are 2 baseball diamonds and a fenced in basketball court with 6 hoops. 


- new play structure for 5-12 yr olds

- shaded park

- sound elements in playground

- adaptive/ADA accessible swing


- playground not wheelchair accessible with ramps or rubber surfacing

- play structure not suited for younger kids

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