373 S 150 W, Ogden, UT 84404
There are 2 separate playgrounds on wood chip bases at Heritage Elementary in Ogden, UT. Playground amenities include 2 play structures, monkey bars, black top area, grass baseball diamond, basketball hoops and large grass area. 

The playground in front of the school is fully fenced behind a 6 foot metal gate. There are 2 gates but the one closest to the parking lot is locked with a pad lock. The other has a latch but no gate. The playground is rated for kids 2-12 years old and suitable for young toddlers as it doesn't have any high drop offs higher than 4 feet. 

The playground consists of 3 different slides, elements on the ground including a pretend window, large graduated stepping disks, stairs, and a short "rock climbing" access. 

 The second playground behind the school is much bigger (and longer), will accommodate lots of kids and is suitable for kids 5-12 years old. 

This large playground features a large rock climbing wall, 2 balance beams, stepping circles, slides and spring rockers and stairs for access.

These spring rocker things are my kids favorite. They love jumping up and down on them repeatedly. These are similar to the ones at the Farr West Mountain View Park, which they also love. 

As you can see in the picture below, this playground is partially fenced in near the road but not fully fenced. 

While we were there a construction crew was demolishing an old portable building on the black top nearly, but the playground was still open. There was also lots of construction to the East end of the school, where it looks like they might be adding another building or portables. 


- 2 separate playgrounds for different ages

- fully fenced in playground in front with a shutting gate for younger kids

- large playground in back accommodates lots of kids


- no shade

- no restrooms

- no wheelchair access on playground

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