2335 N 3600 W, Plain City, UT 84404
This elementary school in Plain City has 3 separate playgrounds. The playground at the front of the school is wheelchair accessible with a solid rubber surfacing and the other two are on a sand/gravel base. 

The playground in front of the school is fully fenced in with a high metal fence. This playground is wheelchair accessible and has a solid rubber surfacing base. It also features a wheelchair ramp on to the playground. 

The playground features a large play structure with multiple slides and a high backed merry go round and sidewalks connecting to the school and parking lot. 

Because of the higher slides and open panels, we feel that at least part of the play structure is more suitable for kids 5-12 years old. Younger kids might still enjoy it and be safe on parts of this structure as well. 

The second playground is located south of the school building. The playground is behind a metal fence with an opening to the parking lot and sits on a sand/gravel base. 

This playground is not wheelchair accessible on to the play structure but is surrounded by black top with square game lines and basketball hoops. 

On the play structure there are multiple slides, monkey bars, corkscrew climber stairs, and a tunnel. 

The third playground is located to the North of the school. It sits of a sand/gravel base with block top area around it. 

This playground is geared towards older kids (and possible adults) and is rated for 5-12 years old. 

The playground has a series of steps and different monkey bar courses as well as 2 circle spinner seats, a separate circle spinning monkey bar structure and a large structure with 3 slides. 

There is also an exercise course with different stations. Next to each piece of equipment there is a white sign explaining how to correctly do the exercise like pull up bars, balance beams and monkey bars. 


- 3 separate and different playgrounds

- 1 wheelchair accessible playground with wheelchair ramp and solid rubber surfacing

- playgrounds behind fences

- lots of room for multiple kids


- no public restrooms

- only available during evenings, weekends and summer while school is not in session

- no swings

All of the pictures were provided by our kids Park Explorers program.

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