575 S 1175 E South Ogden, UT 84405
This is a rubber based playground with a concrete base splash pad in a park in South Ogden, UT. Park amenities include 2 separate play structures for different ages, splash pad, covered picnic tables, benches, trail system that spans 50 acres, large grass area and restrooms. 

The playground has a structure that is rated for 5-12 years old with slides, circle stepping stones, monkey bars, vertical ladder course, corkscrew, plastic rock stairs and lots of different climbing access points. 

Over both structures there are new giant shade cloths and rubber flooring (formerly wood chips).  Both are great improvements to the park and much needed during the hot summer days. We visited the park just after noon on a 95 degree day and under the shade cloths the play structures were not hot to the touch. 

Unfortunately on the 5-12 yr play structure there are a few broken elements including a panel that was replaced with a piece of plywood and a missing twirler that is blocked off with caution tape and a construction barrier. We also found a bolt on the floor that had fallen off one of the elements on this structure, but could not locate the exact location that it had fallen off. After inquiring with the SO parks department, the panel is on order but they currently do not have a solution on the caution tape area. 

Next to the older kid play structure is a separate play structure rated for kids 2-5 years old.  This is fabulous, especially since it is the closest to the splash pad and is helpful if you have multiple kids in both areas. 

As you can see in the picture above, the entire play structure is shaded with the giant shade cloth. The rubber surfacing is circled by concrete sidewalks that connect the play structures, covered picnic tables, splash pad and paths. The rubber surfacing is level with the concrete which is fabulous for accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers. 

All the elements on the 2-5 yr structure is closer to the ground and has added handle bars for stability. 

The park also has a circular concrete splash pad open Memorial Day to Labor Day. The splash pad has a small metal fence that circles it with 2 openings (no gate). Next to the splash pad are the restrooms and covered picnic tables. 


- new rubber surfacing is wheelchair and stroller friendly

- large new shade cloths shade both play structures

- separate play structures for different age groups

- restrooms near play structures and splash pad

- plenty of parking in parking lots


- broken elements on 5-12 yr play structure

- no swings

- no wheelchair access on to the play structures such as ramps

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