While the amount of shade the playground gets varies by time of day and season, here are a list of the playgrounds with at least partial shade consistently while we have been there playing.

Shady Lane Park (north playground) Pleasant View, UT
A park with lots of shaded picnic tables and the park benches surrounding the playground in shade mid day. Lots of places for kids to play around the trees. This is a really good place if your kids want to play hide and seek too.

Huntsville Park, Huntsville, UT
Large playground with almost every element in full shade. Lots of shaded benches and trees to sit under to picnic.

Lomond View Park, North Ogden, UT
Early morning shade over the bench at the playground and partial shade for the playground. There is a nice shaded grassy area to the left side of the playground. In the summer we have seen a small soccer camp meeting there in the mornings. To the east end of the park there is a covered pavilion on a hill and some tall bushes that all the kids like to play under and around. There is a wooden bench near the bushes that is almost always in full shade.  

Green Acres Park, North Ogden, UT 
Morning shade over the entire playground including swings. The creek and picnic tables near the bridge are also shaded in the morning. 

Harrisville Park, Harrisville, UT
Partially shaded playground in the evenings and midday. The basketball court has a few trees that shade it nicely along with one of the playground benches. 

Slaterville Park, Marriott-Slaterville, UT
Fully shaded basketball court in morning and even, morning shade on play structure and metal merry go round.

Lee Olson Park, Plain City, UT

Bonneville Park, Ogden, UT

Lorin Farr Park, Ogden, UT
Afternoon and evening shade over most of the playground.

Fort Buenaventura, Ogden, UT

South Ogden Nature Park & Splash Pad, South Ogden, UT

Burch Creek Park, South Ogden, UT 
(Pictures coming soon with shade cloths)

Wright Park, Washington Terrace, UT
full shade in evenings

Let us know which shaded park you play at so we can add more to the list! 

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