251 18th Street Ogden, UT 84404
This is wood chip based playground in a park in Ogden, Utah. Park amenities include 2 play structures, swings, rope tower climber, different rope and balancing elements, covered picnic tables and restrooms near the Ogden River.

This is Ogden's "destination" park attracting people from all over with it's climbing elements and tall play structures for older kids. 

There are two separate wood chip areas. The first area has a small play structure rated for 2-5 year olds, swings and lots of climbing and spinning elements for older kids. 

On this playground there are 4 regular swings and two toddler swings.

On the second playground nearby there is a very tall play structure rated for 5-12 years old, a tall rope tower climber and spinning equipment. 

This is an especially fun thing for older kids. The small black platform in the middle with the orange clamps slides along the curved metal rail. The kid can stand and hold on to the smaller bar that curves down and slide up and down the curve, sit on the platform or even lean on the platform on their belly and glide. This requires a bit of coordination and longer limbs. Little kids can do it, but mostly I tend to notice them just getting frustrated or falling off easily.

There is a covered pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms at the far South end of the park. 

Be aware that the entrance to the restrooms is not facing the playground and it is pretty hard to see from the younger kids playground and not visible at all from the older kids playground.

Showing distance from the playground to the restrooms.

This playground is in a very picturesque setting right next to the Ogden River with trails running on both sides of the river. To the South end of the park there is a bridge that goes over the river. Please be aware that there is no fencing or anything that separates the river from the playground other than a line of small rocks. This can be a danger to children, especially if they like to run or wander away.


- lots of elements with ropes and climbing for older kids

- 2 separate playgrounds and play structures


- playgrounds not wheelchair accessible

- no parking lot

- playground next to Ogden River with no fence

- restrooms far away from playgrounds

- no shade on playgrounds

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