2130 Taylor Ave, Ogden, UT 84401

This is a rubber square based playground at an elementary school in Ogden, Utah. Playground amenities include a play structure, rock climbing wall, rope balance beam, four basketball hoops, soccer field, grass area, walking path and wheelchair ramp to the playground. 

Please note that this playground is located at an elementary in Ogden School District. The playground can only be accessed during non-school hours in the evenings, weekends and summers. There is no access inside the school for the public anytime. 

The main play structure features three slides, vertical circle ladder, curved ladder and graduated circle steps and stairs for access. 

 The playground also features plastic rock "steps" to climb on separated by a rope balance beam, climbing areas, more graduated steps, and monkey bars. 

Surrounding the playground there is a walking path where 7.5 laps = 1 mile.  This playground is mostly fenced around the houses but does not have any gates. The playground also features 4 basketball hoops on a blacktop area. 

There is access to the playground from the parking with a large wheelchair accessible ramp with hand rails. 


- rubber square surfacing is wheelchair accessible 

- sidewalks and ramps with railings to the playground are wheelchair and stroller accessible 

- playground mostly fenced 


- no public restrooms

- only accessible during evenings, weekends and summers

- no shade on playground

The pictures and information was generously provided by kids in our park explorers program during summer 2019. 

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