4300 Madison Ave Ogden, UT 84403
There are 2 playgrounds at this elementary school in Weber School District, one with a sand base and the other with a rubber surfacing. Playground amenities include 2 play structures, monkey bar/climbing course, spinning circle, spinning chairs, see saw black top area with lines and grass field. Because these playgrounds are located at an elementary school, they are only open to the public during non-school hours on evenings, weekends and during the summer. 

Playground #1

The playground to the North side has a sand base (and a tiny rectangle of rubber surfacing in the corner for some reason). It has a concrete ledge that circles it and keeps the sand in place. This playground features a play structure rated for 5-12 year olds. On the play structure there are two long straight slides, a corkscrew climber, monkey bars, fireman's pole, metal bells on ground level and stairs for access. 

On the sand playground it also features a metal climber with 4 different sides. It has 2 sets of monkey bars, ladder rungs, a curved climber, curved balance beam and parallel curved bars to slide down. Usually my two young boys don't like these sort of climbers but they really loved this one. They each had space to climb and I can imagine quite a few elementary aged kids can fit on this at one time. 

Playground #2

The second playground is also behind the school to the South. This playground features a pour in place rubber surfacing instead of the usual sand or wood chips. This makes the playground wheelchair accessible and also doesn't track sand or wood chips into the school like the other surfaces. The playground features a play structure rated for 5-12 year olds, a low spinning circle, taller spinning seats and a see saw. 

The play structure is rated for 5-12 year olds and features 4 curves slides, a curved rainbow climber, ladder, monkey bars, stairs for access and drums, play window and talking "phones" on ground level. 

The slides are a light color so that helps them be not so hot, but there is no shade on or near the playground. 

There are other elements separate from the play structure on this playground including a floor level twirling circle, two higher spinning chairs and a see saw. 

We especially LOVED this see-saw on the playground. It can hold multiple kids, uses momentum and gravity to move back and forth (instead of just the weight of a child) and can be accessed very close to the ground. 

My kids had to be coaxed off the see-saw playing happily together for about 20 minutes. I joined in the fun as well. 

Between the two playgrounds is a large black top area and a grass field in back. 

All of the playground equipment appeared to be in good working condition, but there were a few patches of rubber surfacing that had cracks or holes. 


- rubber surfacing playground 

- elements on ground level

- 2 separate playgrounds

- lots of climbing equipment

- playgrounds mostly fenced and far from road


- no public restrooms

- not available during school hours

- some damage to rubber surfacing

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