2105 E 6550 S, Uintah, UT 84405

This is a sand/gravel based playground in a public park in Uintah, Utah. Park amenities include a play structure, swings with attached metal slide, covered and uncovered picnic tables, benches, baseball diamond with bleachers, club house, tennis court, basketball court, grass area and restrooms.

The play structure is most likely rated for kids 2-12 year olds with most elements suitable for younger kids. The play structure isn't very high off the ground but there may be elements too tall or hard for a toddler like the overhead glider or the parallel bars to slide down. 

When we visited the park around lunch time most of the playground was shaded by the mature tree nearby. It also shaded the bleachers to the baseball field. 

Next to the play structure is an older set of swings with an attached metal slide. To my knowledge this is the only swing/metal slide combination in Weber County. I can see most parks now have these separate, but it was kind of fun and novel to find. 

My boys loved the metal slide and went down it repeatedly. It was pretty cold out when we visited in October and the metal wasn't scorching like it can in the summer. 

Near the playground there was a covered pavilion with an attached club house and restrooms. I don't know if the restrooms are kept open during the summer, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were locked as this is a more rural location off US-89. 

There are also a few uncovered picnic tables past the playground as well as a baseball diamond. 

At Uintah park there is a basketball court shaded by a mature tree and a fenced tennis court. 


- quiet location with views of the Wasatch mountains

- unique metal slide attached to swings

- tennis court and playground in shade during midday. 


- playground not wheelchair accessible

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