2465 Fillmore Ave Ogden, UT 84401

This is a wood chip based playground in Ogden, UT. Playground amenities include play structure, benches, grass baseball diamond, grass field, covered picnic tables and restrooms. 

The play structure is rated for 5-12 year olds and features 2 slides, curved rock climbing wall, curved ladder, monkey bars, standing swing, 2 steering wheels on ground level and stairs for access. 

One thing we love about this playground is the standing swing. It has handles on both sides and is only a couple inches from the ground. Children can still get the feeling of swinging and learn balance while being close to the ground. 

Below the twirly slide there are two steering wheels on ground level as well as 2 circle seats. It makes a nice little cubby hole to play in and also is shaded during the day by the play structure. 

Near to the playground there are covered picnic tables, 3 barbecue grills and restrooms. 

On both sides of the playground there are large grass fields. The field on the East side has very little shade but the field on the West side is tree lined with mature trees. It is down a small hill and appears to also be a water retention basin. When we were at this park there were neighbors running their dogs on the West field. 


- 5-12 play structure in good shape

- lots of grass area to play in 

- quiet neighborhood 

- playground is located far from the street

- restrooms and benches available


- playground not wheelchair accessible

- no swings

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