4178 W 900 S Ogden, UT 84404
There are 3 separate playgrounds at this Weber School District elementary school in Ogden, UT. Playground amenities include a 2-5 yr play structure, metal climbing dome, monkey bar course, curved balance beam, stepping stones, 2 curved monkey bars, curved metal climber, 2 rock climbing walls, all metal firetruck, wheelchair accessible play structure, basketball hoops, large grass area and large blacktop area with line games. 

The first sand based playground is located in front of the school behind a 6 foot metal fence with closing gate. The playground is most likely rated for 2-5 year olds and used for the younger grades. 

Around the perimeter of the playground is a wheelchair accessible sidewalk, but the play structure and surrounding sand are not accessible. 

The play structure is fairly small and features two side by side slides, "log" steps, rotating vertical circular climber, ladder, short fireman pole, steering wheel on ground level, bridge and flower climber. Next to the structure there is also a curved bar stepper. 

The second playground is located to the side of the school and is more suited to older kids. Unlike the small play structure, this playground is larger and all the elements are more spread out. 

This playground features a metal dome climber, monkey bar course, metal firetruck, curved monkey bars, double sided rock climbing wall, stepping circles and curved balance beam all on a sand/gravel base. 

The metal firetruck is fun unique feature for this playground. I love playground equipment that lets kids use their imagination and also incorporates real life situations/objects.

The third and final playground is located behind the elementary school and is an inclusive style playground. It features a wheelchair accessible play structure, 2 curved climbers/monkey bars, stepping circles, balance beam and rock climbing wall. 

One thing I love about the Weber School Foundations playgrounds is the fun learning and sensory elements and panels that are wheelchair accessible. This play structure has steering wheels, mix and match animals, and a braille alphabet panel. 

This playground is a little different than we have seen at other schools in that it has not one but two ramps. 

Another strange thing about the playgrounds at West Weber Elementary is the small rectangle of pour in place rubber surfacing on two of three playgrounds. There is just a small section of rubber surfacing that doesn't even connect to the play structure. I am going to assume that this is to make the playground "ADA compliant" but really it doesn't add anything or make it any more helpful or safer. I have seen other elementary schools use these thin strips to connect to the play structure and slide and those definitely have more value. If you have any more insight to these strange (and expensive) strips I would love to hear about it.  


- 3 separate playgrounds that can accommodate lots of kids

- front playground fenced in

- wheelchair accessible/all ability playground in back

- sensory and learning panels

- lots of climbing elements


- no public restrooms

- no public access during school hours

- 2 of 3 playgrounds not wheelchair accessible

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