742 S Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84404
There are 3 different playgrounds at this school in Ogden. Playground amenities include 2 play structures, play house, Forest Service truck, overhead circle twirler, merry go round, log stepping stones, arch climbing "rock", toddler sensory arch, egg spinner, rope merry go round, swings including toddler, regular and adaptive swings, ground level sensory cube, sensory tables, metal xylophone, graduated drums and benches. 

Please note that these are school playgrounds, so access is restricted for the public Monday through Friday until 3:00pm. The public is allowed access to the parking lots and playgrounds weekdays after 3:00pm, weekends and the summer when school is not in session. The school buildings are closed to the general public and therefore there are no public restrooms available at the playgrounds anytime. The closest restrooms are at Dollar General on 7th street and Monroe Blvd or Chevron gas station on 2nd street and Harrison Blvd. 

Playground #1

The first playground is directly behind the school on the east side of the building. The easiest place to park in is one of the two lots to the east side next to the parked school buses. 

This playground is on a wood chip base with a pour in place sidewalks that go between the truck and playhouse and leads directly to the stairs on the play structure. You can access the playgrounds with wheelchair accessible sidewalks that connect the road to the playgrounds. 

On the corner of the playground there is a fun metal merry go round, ground level play house with a roof and an overhead circle twirler. 

The main play structure is forrest themed with lots of climbing elements and sensory panels.  

Next to the play structure there is a fun pretend play U.S. Forest Service truck with tree stump stepping stones that go directly to the truck. 

There is also an arch rock climber next to the play structure. 

Closer to the street there is a separate set of swings with 3 regular swings on a sand/dirt base. There are no connecting sidewalks to these swings. 

Playground #2

The second playground is also located behind the school and between the two playgrounds with play structures. This is smaller area and laid out in a figure 8 shape. This playground features a covered sensory table, small arch climber, different textures walkway and musical instruments. 

Two sensory tables with lids that can be removed and filled with items to feel or experience. This would be fun to utilize if you were having a group of kids there together and fill with objects they find in the woods nearby or to fill with water and toys for the kids to play in. 

There is a small section with metal xylophones with mallets to hit, graduated drums and a dish metal object that you can hit. 

Playground #3

The third playground is behind the school but farther south. This is a wheelchair accessible playground with a pour in place rubber surfacing and ramps. 

This playground is also tree/forrest themed and features a tunnel, bridge, bell panel, xylophone panel, metal beads, short overhead spinner and a metal slide. 

This playground is a lot shorter to the ground than the first playground with lots of ramps. This playground is ideal for younger toddlers and kids with a range of disabilities. 

Next to the play structure there is a 3 sided ground level sensory area. You can wheel a chair directly into the area or walk in and around the panels. 

There is an egg spinner on the playground that is excellent for sensory processing disorders, kids with autism or just kids who like to hide or spin. My 3 year old especially loved these spinners when he was a toddler and we frequented the Magical Bridge Playground with one of these in Palo Alto, CA. 

On the playground there are also two swing bays with two regular swings and two adaptive swings. 

Probably my favorite feature of this playground is the rope merry go round. This style of merry go round is so great because of the low wide base, easy access to the center with opening in the rope, spaced out ropes that are easy to climb on, and the ability for younger kids to participate and help turn. 

There are two benches on different sides of the playground near the metal slide and the merry go round. 

Overall, this is one of my favorite all ability playgrounds and definitely the best in Ogden. A definite hidden gem of playgrounds, especially for toddlers! Other things to love about these playgrounds are the secluded area that you have to drive quite far to access, shaded areas by trees near the playgrounds, wooded areas next to and near the playgrounds to play in and the 3 separate and different playgrounds. 

It should be noted that these playgrounds are property of the Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind and used during school hours. The public is only allowed access after 3 pm on school days, weekends and summer when school is not in session. Because this is on school property, there is no public access to the buildings and there are no restrooms or picnic tables near the playgrounds. 


- 3 separate and different playgrounds including wheelchair access, sensory elements and climbing elements. 

- adaptive swings

- partially shaded playgrounds

- playgrounds far from roads or parking lots


- no public restrooms

- not available during school hours

- no picnic tables

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