4300 W 5700 S Roy, UT 84067

This is a wood chip based playground at a large park in Roy, Utah. Playground amenities include play structure, see saws, swings, benches, covered picnic tables, soccer fields, pickleball courts, softball field, walking track and restrooms. 

On the playground there is a large play structure rated for 2-12 year olds. The play structure has one small double straight slide suitable for smaller children and a larger double slide that splits off and goes two different directions. My kids were intrigued by the design of the larger slide and found it very fun. 

The play structure also has a series of different monkey bars, a circular vertical spider web climber, pull up bar and a set of hanging stepping circles. 

There is a tube that connects the smaller section for toddlers to the taller equipment like the block stair ladder, corkscrew climber and curved ladders. 

Note: the large mounds of wood chips are not normally present at the playground. The Roy maintenance crew had just put new wood chips in the playground but had not smoothed them evenly when we visited. 

Next to the large play structure there is a double rainbow climber and two see saws at the park. 

The see saws were probably my kids favorite part of this playground. They spent a good amount of time working together to make it go up and down.

When we visited this park in November 2019 the green see saw was quite wobbily and looked like it was cracking from the base. Please check this see saws before letting your kids play on it for safety to see if it is still broken.

There are 8 swing bays at this playground including 6 regular swings and 2 infant/toddler swings. When we visited 2 of the regular swings were missing. 

In the far corner of the playground next to the see saws there is a separate net climber with ladder access.

There are a few benches along the perimeter of the playground

Near the playground there is a large parking lot, soccer fields, pickleball courts, a softball field, covered picnic tables and restrooms. The entire park is 35 acres with wheelchair accessible sidewalks that connect the different elements. The entire park surrounded by a walking track.

Arial view provided by

As seen in the pictures, one thing this park lacks is shade by mature trees or shade cloths. The playground has no shade and most of the trees are on the perimeter of the park. 


- large play structure rated for 2-12 year olds

- fun see saws

- lots of swings

- lots of grass areas

- large walking trail surrounds park


- playground not wheelchair accessible

- playground has no shade

- some elements like see saw and swings broken at time of review

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