4770 S 5100 W, Hooper, UT 84315

This is a small wood chip based playground at a park in Hooper, Utah. Park amenities include a play structure, parallel balancing bars, benches and a covered picnic table. 

Please note that the photos were all taken in April 2020 when the playground was closed due to safety concerns of Covid-19. Normally there is not caution tape surrounding the playground. When the playgrounds are open again and we are able to get newer pictures of the park we will update the pictures.

In the park there is a small play structure. My guess is that it is rated for 2-12 year olds based on the components.  There are two small slides, a curved ladder, sloped rock climber, a taller rock climbing wall, tunnel, play panel and stairs for access. 

I liked this play panel on the side that you help the cat find it's way home to the house. 

There are parallel balancing bars next to the playground also. Surrounding the playground are three benches outside the wood chips. 

This is a very small playground area with a larger grass area on the corner of the street. There is single covered picnic table on a concrete pad with a wheelchair accessible sidewalk that leads to it. 

On 5100 W there is a small parking lot with 3 or 4 unmarked parking spots and more on street parking on 4825 S. 


- lots of grass area

- new play structure 

- covered picnic table with wheelchair access

- lots of benches surrounding the play structure


- no wheelchair access to or on the playground

- no shade on playground

- no restrooms

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