5600 S 6300 W Hooper, UT 84315

This is a wood chip based playground in a park in Hooper, Utah. Playground amenities include a long all metal slide, play structure, climbing dome, swings, benches, covered picnic tables, food service building, rodeo arena and stands, baseball diamond and restrooms. 

Please note that the pictures were taken in April 2020 when the playground was closed because of Covid-19. When the playground is open it does not have caution tape on the equipment. When the playground opens and we have newer pictures we will replace these pictures. 

The main play structure is rated for 5-12 year olds with tall slides, a rock wall, rock stairs and quite a few smaller panels on ground level for younger children. This is similar in look and design to Wildwood Park in Hooper. 

Next to the play structure is an old all metal slide. Because the playground was closed when we vistited, we were not able to play on it but it looks like a great fast slide!

On the far side of the playground there are two different sets of swings- 6 colorful bucket swings for infants and toddlers and 4 regular swings. 

Between the two sets of swings there is a metal dome climber. 

Surrounding the play ground there are quite a few mature shade trees that shade elements in the playground including the metal slide depending on the time of day. There are benches surrounding the playground as well as covered picnic tables and sidewalks that connect the elements. 

One thing we love about this park is that it is fully fenced around the entire park and rodeo arena. There are a few openings on different sides to access and there is one large opening (without a gate) near the picnic tables.

One unique feature in this park is the carved wooden tree trunks throughout the park. This one near the playground looks like a small house with an owl carved in the top. There is another in the park that looks like an old bearded man trapped in the tree. 

Near the center of the park there is a war memorial and names carved into marble slabs. 


- large 5-12 play structure

- lots of swings

- shade throughout the park including playground

- fully fenced park on all 4 sides


- playground not wheelchair accessible

- metal slide may be hot in summer

- no play structure for younger 2-5 year olds

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